Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Cards

A while back, I told you about Shutterfly's Christmas cards and to get free cards. I thought I'd share with you what card we ultimately went with. It might surprise you, because it isn't one that I considered in my previous post.

So, why this card?  To be honest, my husband picked it.  I made up some choices and he wasn't very thrilled with any of them.  He wanted to use this picture because it wasn't posed. I desperately made some more choices for him and threw this one in and surprisingly, he liked it!  I liked that it has French on the front because I love French (took it for 5 years and spent 2 weeks in France one summer). 

I originally wanted a card with the year on it and since this one doesn't, I fixed that on the inside.  Since this is a folded card, Shutterfly gave me the option of having another photo (or two or three) on the inside.  I included another photo of us posing with our wedding cake and below it put our wedding date.

Once I finally ordered the cards, they came fairly quickly and were packaged well.  The cards are very nice quality with thick cardstock.

Everybody I have given a card to has raved about how much they love them and how pretty they are.  I love that I got such a great deal for fabulous cards and found yet another use for our wonderful wedding pictures!


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