Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Posts!

I found this neat little list of Christmas prompts over here and I thought I would try them to help me update everyday. Keep me responsible, OK?

Since I'm already behind, I'll do #1 & #2 now and #3 later today.

Day 1: Is Christmas your favorite holiday?

It sure is! I love just about everything about this time of year (except the snow and cold). I love Christmas music and decorations and the baking. I think I love Christmas so much because I have a lot of great memories of Christmas from my childhood. My cousins would come from Kansas every year and we'd get to spend time with them and our grandparents and have tons of fun.

Day 2: What's on your Christmas list?

Random stuff. Stuff we didn't get for our wedding that I still want. Some clothing items that I've been eyeing. Games so that we actually use our Wii for something other than watching Netflix. My birthday is 12 days after Christmas, so my list is always extra long so people can use it for both.

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