Thursday, December 2, 2010

Time Lord Christmas

The husband and I are big Doctor Who nerds and so are several members of our family and some friends. While looking around Etsy for gift ideas, I've stumbled on some gifts I know some people (and Time Lords) would love. Maybe some these will find their way under our tree!

First up, how about a TARDIS phone case for the iPhone or Droid user?

$20 from Etsy seller Coolbeans717

This poster really needs a home in my house.

$13 from Etsy seller tuffindustries

I really hope this shirt becomes available again.

From Etsy seller imaginationemporium

My husband or brother-in-law would love to get this hoodie, I'm sure.
$30 from Etsy seller geekboypress

This is only a small sampling of the many Doctor Who gifts available on Etsy. I encourage you to look for yourself and support those who make these wonderful handmade goods.

Doctor Who gifts in our family are pretty much a tradition at this point. My sister-in-law made my nephew the 4th Doctor's scarf last year and this year she's make me and my niece some TARDIS socks!

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