Friday, December 24, 2010

My First DIY

Now that the baking and gift wrapping is finally done, I can share with you my first DIY project for our home.  It also happens to be a Christmas decor project.

I've seen wreaths like this one for sale in various stores.

Most stores want anywhere from $30 on up for a wreath like this one.  I really wanted one for our front door, but I did NOT want to pay that much money for a wreath.
As it turns out, you don't have to!  (I'm a terrible blogger and did not document the process, so bear with me.) I bought a 24" wreath at Christmas Tree Shop for about $7.  I sprung for a lighted one, but you could go even cheaper with just a plain wreath.  I bought a set of ornaments for $2.50 at Michael's. (They were 1/2 off!) and some green twist wire for $1.50 at Meijer.

For just $11, I came up with this...

Pretty cute right? I'm on the hunt for the right ribbon to perhaps make a bow for the top. (I actually took off a pretty cheap looking "velvet" bow that came with the wreath.)  And bonus, I can always change the ornaments if I decide to change the look.
I've never been very crafty, but I'm pretty proud of my very first decor DIY project!

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