Friday, December 9, 2011

Red Panda Love

Last week, our local zoo lost one of their red pandas. I found out the other night while watching the news and I was immediately sad. Red pandas are some of my favorite animals and I love to spend time watching them at the local zoo. I just love their cute faces and fuzzy fur. They can be pretty playful animals and they sometimes remind me of our cats. Whenever I see one at a zoo, I want to take it home with me to cuddle and play, but M always says it will rip my face off.

Last time we went to the zoo, one of the red pandas was out and being very active, so I spent a lot of time watching and taking lots of pictures.

I'm not positive, but I believe that these pictures are of Ty, the male panda. Rose, the female panda, had been sick, so I don't think she would have been this active.

Ty & Rose had twins last year, but they were not out in the exhibit when I visited the zoo last year.

The zoo is trying to get another female red panda for Ty, but it will probably be awhile. Red pandas are a threatened species. I hope they can find a successful partner for Ty so the zoo can have more cute babies.

You'll be missed Rose.

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