Friday, February 21, 2014


Yesterday was hard.

With great sadness, we had to say goodbye to our darling girl, Mimi. It was the hardest thing I've had to do in my life.

While I'm still sad and still having a hard time processing it, I want today to be about remembering what a great cat she was.

I first got Mimi in 2004 while living in Florida. She was found as a kitten by a coworker's daughter. I often joked that she was raised by alligators and survived hurricanes.

Her very first picture. Her whiskers were already crazy!
She was a tiny little thing, but she knew what she wanted and by golly, if you didn't give it to her, you'd hear about it! She was fond of sitting on the back of the couch and tapping me on the head whenever I ate popcorn. And if you weren't looking, she'd gladly steal a piece or two from the bowl!

As she got older, she grew more aloof. She often preferred to spend her time away from others in the house. She tolerated our other cat, Sammy, but was quick to remind her who was the boss.

When she was feeling loving, she'd climb onto our laps and allow us to pet her. She had the loudest purr I've ever heard. I'm going to miss that sound.

She was fond of boxes and sitting in the window. She loved begging for human food. Ham was a particular favorite of hers. If you sat at the dining room table, you'd often get a kitty back massage from someone reminding you that she was there and she wanted whatever you were eating.

She loved Vera Bradley too!
She was a fantastic cat and companion. She will be greatly missed.


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  1. What a precious cat! So very sorry for your loss. May you be comforted by all your great memories.