Monday, February 3, 2014

Week in Review

I know I've complained about this before, but I am really ready for winter to just be over. I hate snow and cold weather in a normal year, but this year has been ridiculous. And now that groundhog says six more weeks of winter. Grrrr!


Thanks to the latest round of the polar vortex, we once again didn't have school for three days. I was supposed to work on Thursday, but since it was our first day back in a week, the job was cancelled. I did work on Friday in a 4th grade classroom. I mostly just monitored while the student teacher did all the teaching. It was a nice way to ease back into work after so many days off work.

And to add insult to injury, while I wasn't making money because we didn't have school, most of my jobs for this coming week were cancelled. So much for the awesome paycheck I was looking forward to!  They're calling for more snow Tuesday night, so who knows if have a normal week this week.


Life was pretty boring thanks to that polar vortex. The temperatures were bitterly cold and I was not up for going anywhere. I finally got out of the house on Friday for work and then went to the grocery store. Sunday night, I watched the Super Bowl. Since I was rooting for the Broncos, that was a disappointment. I spent most of the game yelling at the TV. At least some of the commercials were good.

How was your week?


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