Thursday, February 24, 2011

Valentine Decor

I totally forgot that I took pictures of my Valentine decor and didn't share them with you!

Here's my Valentine "mantle"
I told you I needed more Valentine decorations! Sadly, I didn't find anything I liked in the stores this year, so I'll have to keep an eye out next year.

The picture frames are from Target. They always have cute frames for the various holidays/seasons. I have lots of these around our house. They are usually around $5. Sometimes I buy them when they're on sale and sometimes I wait until they go clearance the day after the holiday. It just depends on if I really "need" it!

The picture on the left is from one of our first dates and the picture on the right was taken the summer before we got engaged.

The cupcake was a gift from my mom. It usually lives on my kitchen windowsill.

What did I do with my Ikea vase?
Filled it with conversation hearts! I bought 2 bags at the grocery store when they were on sale. I figure they'll probably keep for a couple years, so I'll get more use out of them. The candle is also from Ikea.

I did find some super cute owl window clings at the grocery store, but I already took them down, so no picture!

I won't be decorating for St. Patrick's Day as neither of us is Irish and I've never really celebrated it. I'll wear green that day and that will be the extend of my "celebrating." I'm using the time between holidays to find some decorations for our mantle when it's not holiday time. I've got my eye on lots of cute things at Michael's. I won't be decorating for Easter until March 24, so plenty of time to find new stuff!

(I am totally trying to justify a trip to HomeGoods soon!)

Do you decorate for holidays? What's your favorite place to find decor items?


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