Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Going to the Chapel

Photo by Amanda Fales Photography

I knew from early on in our relationship that M's only requirement for his wedding was that it take place at the Catholic church he had grown up in. This was fine with me since I didn't really have a home church. Although M did not ask me to, I began the process of converting to Catholicism a few months before we were engaged. When we became engaged, we settled on a date fairly quickly and booked our first venue...our church!

We were engaged on Christmas Eve and booked the church on January 29. We met with our priest for what turned out to be a fairly casual meeting. He asked us a few questions about ourselves and then asked the church required questions, such as if either of us had been married before. Since I was in the RCIA class, he knew that I was not baptized, but that I would be at Easter. After we satisfactorily answered his questions, we were officially put on the calendar!

We were actually the first wedding they booked for 2010. It seemed early, but once I knew we had the date for sure, I felt comfortable looking for other vendors. My next goal was to get the reception site I had my eye on. Of course, I wanted to check it out first and look over their catering options.

As for the church, we didn't need to do anything for about a year. We were to start the marriage classes about 6 months before the wedding. I was sure I'd be calling the parish office with questions before that though.

It was so nice to finally be able to tell people an exact date when they asked! I felt so proud checking off something on the wedding checklist.

How soon did you book your ceremony venue? Did you get the date you wanted?


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