Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Favorite EPCOT Ride

Today's Disney Park Challenge topic is favorite EPCOT Ride. I'm going to have to pick two rides, though.

Normally, I'd say Test Track is my favorite ride at EPCOT. However, it's been totally refurbished since my last trip to the World and it's pretty much a different ride now. So, I'm not sure if I really do like it that much anymore.

I loved original Test Track, though. Yes, it was cheesy but so fun! My favorite bit was at the end when you do 60 mph on the track outside the building.  I'm pretty sure that part hasn't changed, so I'll probably still like that part of Test Track.

My other favorite EPCOT ride is Living with the Land. I just love that it's old school and classic EPCOT. I like floating through the greenhouse and seeing all the experimental ways to grow things.

 What is your favorite EPCOT ride?


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