Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Favorite Magic Kingdom Ride

First of all, picking a favorite ride at the Magic Kingdom is torture. Since it is my favorite park, I love most of the rides there. It's also the one park where I can actually ride all of the rides.

It happens to be home to some awesome classics. For example...

The Haunted Mansion

Mad Tea Party

It's a Small World

The Jungle Cruise
And while it's hard for me to say which is my favorite, if I only had time to ride one ride at the Magic Kingdom, I'd probably run for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

It is one of the few roller coasters in the world that I actually enjoy and it's the first roller coaster I remember riding. I don't remember much from my first trip to Disney World, but I do remember loving this ride. And now I have to ride it multiple times every time I get to the Magic Kingdom.

What's your favorite ride at the Magic Kingdom?

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