Friday, August 9, 2013

Four for Friday

1. My phone has recently decided that making texts and phone calls was beyond it's abilities which is naturally frustrating. I was pretty sure I'd finally have to upgrade (I've been eligible for a year), but first I decided to try resetting it to factory settings. And while it does seem to be working better so far, figuring how I had everything set is a pain. Luckily Google is a stalker and knows which apps I had, but now I can't seem to remember how I had the screens set up. On the bright side, it's given me a chance to clean up and get rid of the apps I never actually used.

2. While out this week, I noticed some stores with Christmas decorations already up. I used to work retail, so I know it starts early, but really? Can we at least get through back to school first? I'm not ready for fall, let alone Christmas.

3. I'm not in school, but I sure love back to school time. Something about all the school supplies in one place makes me excited. I know, teacher nerd!

4. Adam Scott is my American boyfriend, enough said.


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