Monday, August 19, 2013

Week in Review

 School started last week, so now I'm just twiddling my thumbs and waiting for a job. My scheduler did call Monday night (2 days before school even started) and scheduled me for a job in September. It was exciting to be scheduled before school started. It just confirmed in my mind that I'm at the top the list to call. Hopefully that means lots of work this year!

On Tuesday, we took advantage of free day at the local botanical garden and went for a walk. We haven't been there all summer, so it was nice to see all the plants and flowers that have grown and bloomed since our last trip in April.

It was a nice walk and we might have to make it a more regular thing since we don't like to walk on our street. I'm also hoping to do more walking to the library while the weather is still good.

My 3 nieces that live in Wisconsin have been in town visiting, so on Thursday we went to the Fort Wayne Zoo. M and I went there a couple months ago for our anniversary, but it was so much fun going again. Going to the zoo with kids is really fun! They were excited to see all the animals and feed some of them. I think I took more pictures of the girls than I did of the animals this time.

Saturday night, we had a family dinner in honor of the girls and their mom being here. I love family dinners because it is always at our favorite local Italian place. I managed to stuff myself with an Italian beef sandwich and a small slice of pizza. I couldn't resist!

How was your week?


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