Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Honeymoon Day 1

With my Wedding Wednesday recaps done, it's time to move on to our honeymoon!

When it came time to plan our honeymoon, we knew we needed somewhere that could be budget friendly and that meant staying in the country. And since Hawaii is not very budget friendly, that left only one place to consider in my opinion.

Walt Disney World!

It is my favorite place in the world (although Paris is a close second.) And my husband had only ever been there once when he was a baby. That was unacceptable to me. I'd go to Walt Disney World all the time if I could.

I began planning our trip very soon after we got engaged. I'm a hardcore Disney planner. I get tips from various websites and message boards, I read the guides, and I come up with a fun filled itinerary. It was so fun filled, it was going to be 10 days. Hey, it's our Honeymoon!

And because it was our honeymoon, I really wanted to splurge and stay at a Deluxe Disney Resort. Staying on property is a must for me. We decided that we really wanted to stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge, but only if we could get a deal. So, I booked our room knowing that I could change or cancel it up to 2 weeks before our trip. And then I crossed my fingers.

Fortunately, I was the lucky recipient of a PIN code. We ended up getting 40% off our room, so we kept our Animal Kingdom Lodge room. Otherwise, we would have changed to the moderate resort, Caribbean Beach.

We left for our honeymoon the Tuesday after our wedding. This was a great idea because it gave us time to relax and recharge after the wedding. Plus, we didn't have to worry about packing and getting somewhere on time. Also, we got M moved into our house.

We flew Delta through Cincinnati to Orlando. It was rather uneventful other than we had to circle Cincinnati for a bit before we were allowed to land. I thought it seemed like we should be landing already when our pilot let us know what was happening. I never did find out why we had to circle. I meant to ask my air traffic controller brother about that, but I forgot.

We arrived in Orlando and picked up our rental car. I got a good deal through Alamo and I love that you get to pick your car. Because I was the driver, I picked out a Ford Focus since I figured it would be similar to my Ford Fusion. And then we were off to Walt Disney World!

We arrived at the resort and checked in. I had noted on our reservation that it was our honeymoon, so they gave us Just Married buttons to wear. Our room was ready, so we headed to it.

After a quick, excited look over the room, I headed for what I was dying to see. Our view! We had splurged for a savanna view room and I was hoping we had a good one.


That's not your typical hotel room view! Thanks to the Florida June humidity, it even felt like we might be in Africa.


Wait, what's that? Is that what I think it is? A giraffe! We have giraffes outside our room. I was positively giddy.


This is what the balconies look like. I loved all the color.

 We had missed lunch, so we decided to find something off property and then hit up the grocery store. We ended up finding a Chick-fil-a very close to the resort and then we went to Publix. We got stuff for breakfast, bottled water, and some pop for the fridge in our room. This ended up saving us a lot of money.

When we got back to the room, more giraffes had appeared! I spent some time out here just watching them. We also explored the resort a bit.


As much as I wanted to stay on the balcony and watch the animals all evening, we were hungry again, so it was time to find some food. That meant we needed to take a trip to Downtown Disney.

And I knew exactly where I wanted to go.

I really like the sandwiches here and they have so few locations that I only get to go to Earl of Sandwich when I'm at Disney.

(And yes, I really am going to show you pictures of what we ate throughout our trip.)


I got the Original 1792 - roast beef and sharp cheddar. I omitted the horseradish sauce.


M got the Chicken Caesar Salad. This will become a theme for him.

After we ate, we walked around looking at the stores.


And some of us tried on silly hats.

Then it was back to the room to relax and get some good sleep for our first day at Walt Disney World.


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