Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

I certainly hope you all had more exciting weekend than I did. Mine was so boring, I had to consult my Twitter updates just to remember what I did.

M is using up the last of his vacation for the year this week and the weather wasn't great, so we mostly just had a quiet weekend at home.

Friday I made pizza dough and we had homemade pizza for dinner. It's always so good and I think I could eat it every week easily. M's nephew A was in town, so he spent the night at our house. The boys worked on computer stuff Friday night and most of the day Saturday.

We went to Mass on Saturday night because our usual Sunday Mass was the Contemporary Music Mass. I hate that Mass. I don't mind Contemporary Christian music when it's done well, but at our church it is not done well. I also cannot stand the way they sing the Lord's Prayer and they way they make one Amen into a 10 minute jazz number. It pretty much makes my vision go red. So for everyone's sake, we don't attend that Mass.

After Mass, we had dinner at my mother-in-law's house and M's niece R was there, so I got to see my favorite niece. She just got her driver's license, so I got to admire that and congratulate her.

Sunday we spent the day mostly at home. We did run to the local grocery store because it was the last day of the sale and I wanted to get the chicken breasts that were on sale.

I spent the afternoon finding coupons, making the grocery list for the week, and trying unsuccessfully to come up with a meal plan for the week. Sunday evening we got all caught up on Downton Abbey. Do you watch it? It's a great show.

It stormed last night, which I loved and now the weather is warm, so the snow is melting. Sadly, it will probably be back soon.

Today is another boring at home day. I'm tackling the laundry and some cleaning. And did you hear? Vera Bradley Outlet Sale tickets go on sale February 1! I'm already scheduled to work that day, so depending on when tickets go on sale, I may have to have somebody else get them for our group. We're up to 5 women this year. I'm excited about our girly day of Vera Bradley shopping!

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