Thursday, January 12, 2012

Vera Bradley Summer 2012 Retirees

With the Spring 2012 colors being released in one week, it's time to start thinking about Summer 2012.

Oh My Vera has a look at the Summer 2012 colors if you haven't seen them yet.

Whenever new colors are announced, I get curious about what colors are going to be retired. This is especially important if you shop at the annual Outlet Sale as these are the colors that will be the most abundant.

I did a little detective work and discovered what colors and styles I believe will be retired next.

I believe that Vera Bradley will be retiring 3 colors next.

Blue Lagoon
Lemon Parfait
Why do I think these colors will be retired? Because the new styles are not being made in these colors. It makes sense that Vera Bradley wouldn't make the new styles in these color if they plan on retiring these colors soon.

All three of these colors were released in Spring 2011. There are only two colors older than these, Baroque and Very Berry Paisley. They must be selling very well to still be active.

Vera Bradley will also be retiring some styles of handbags and accessories. Sometimes this means they are not going to make the style anymore and sometimes it means they are just redesigning it. These will be retired in all colors.

Squared Away

Perfect Pocket Tote


Curling Iron Cover

Pleated Tote

So what do you think? Sad to see a color or style go? Leave a comment and let's discuss!


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