Thursday, January 5, 2012

Private Selection Frozen Foods Review

I've mentioned before that I'm a BzzAgent. As a result, I often get to try new products and review them. This time I was asked to try Private Selection Frozen Foods. I was sent coupons for free products to try in exchange for Bzz.

One of the coupons was for a Private Selection frozen pizza. We take our pizza pretty seriously around here, so I was excited about this one. Our local Kroger only had 3 different varieties of Private Selection pizzas. We selected the pepperoni and roasted garlic variety.

A few days later, we decided to try the pizza. I was a bit disappointed when I opened the box because the pizza was rather small. It was more of a meal for one or an appetizer for two. The pepperoni looked great. It was large and there was plenty for the small size. However, the cheese was a little sparse and there were some bare spots, so I tried to spread the cheese out more before I put it in the oven.

Like most frozen pizzas, this one was easy and quick to make. It smelled pretty good when I took it out of the oven. We cut it up and tentatively tried it. I thought the sauce was good. Sauce really makes a pizza and this one was tasty. I also really liked the crispy thin crust. The roasted garlic was in chunks on the pizza. I took mine off because I just can't stand chunks of garlic, but my husband ate his. He didn't care for the texture of it, but thought it tasted fine.

Would we buy this pizza again? Probably not. It cost over $5 and for that price I can get a bigger pizza from a national brand.

We also got to try a frozen dessert. Our local Kroger had quite a few varieties and I had a hard time deciding which one to try. After eying the chocolate croissants and the apple crisp, I finally decided on the Belgian chocolate lava cakes. I always see them in restaurant and they look so yummy.

A few days ago, I was craving something chocolate and decided to try one. There are four individual sized cakes in the box. They are really easy to make in the microwave and it smelled great. I had a hard time waiting for it to cool enough to eat.

Once I tried it, I was impressed. The cake was moist and chocolaty and the molten chocolate was rich. I definitely needed a glass of milk to go with it and I really wished we had had some vanilla ice cream to pair with it. I'll be sure to pick some up before I eat the others. Private Selection also makes ice cream and we enjoy their chocolate, so I'm sure their vanilla is good too.

Would we buy these again? Maybe if I had a coupon or they were on sale. They were tasty and a nice treat.

Private Selection frozen foods are available at the Kroger family of stores. They range in price from $3 to $7


As a BzzAgent, I was given free products to try. All opinions are my own.

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