Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Doctor Who's Day - Favorite Companion

The second topic for the Doctor Who challenge is your favorite companion. This was actually an easy question for me. On the new Doctor Who series, the Doctor has had 4 regular companions, plus random companions from the various specials. But far and away, the current companion, Amy Pond, is my favorite.

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Basically, I want to be Amy. She's pretty, ginger, and Scottish, which of course, means she's feisty. When I first met Amy, she was a child who found the Doctor crashed in her garden. He charmed her and then left for 12 years. And Amy waited the whole time for him to come back. So basically, what the Doctor's been doing to me for the past 7 years.

When we next met Amy, she was a bride-to-be on the eve of her wedding. As a bride-to-be only a couple months away from my own wedding, I again identified with her. If The Doctor showed up the night before my wedding, I totally would have gone with him too, since he could easily bring me back in time for the wedding. But I'd probably leave a note, just in case.

And eventually, I'd agree to take my husband along too, like Rory. One of the things I love about Amy is that unlike former companions, she's not hopelessly in love with the Doctor. I like that she has Rory, who has grown on me over the past 2 seasons.

Now I'm sad that Amy and Rory will be leaving this season. I'm mostly worried that something bad will happen. Few companions leave happy. In fact, none of them have so far! Here's hoping that Stephen Moffat does something nice for them!

Are you a Doctor Who fan? Who's your favorite companion?


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