Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Doctor Who's Day - Least Favorite Companion

This week's Doctor Who's Day topic is least favorite companion. I had to think about this one for a moment because I don't hate any of the companions, but I decided that there is one that I like the least.

Oh Martha, I so wanted to like you. In her first episode, we learned that Martha was a medical student about to be a doctor. She accepted the Doctor and jumped right in to help when the hospital was taken to the moon and overrun with Judoon. She came across as smart, strong, independent, and just a bit sassy.

But starting in the next episode, things started to change. Suddenly Martha started reading the Doctor wrong and she was in love with him. The rest of the season was spent watching Martha pine for the Doctor and be all pouty when he didn't pay attention to her.

It didn't help when the Doctor would mention Rose or elude to previous companions. Then, she got all green eyed monster and it was just annoying.

Martha did manage to redeem herself a bit at the end when she saved the world. But in the end, she chose to leave the Doctor because he didn't reciprocate her feelings.

It's not Martha's fault she was written so poorly, but for that, she's my least favorite companion.

Who's your least favorite companion?


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  1. I felt like Martha was good in the beginning, but I didn't really like her character in the end when she was supposed to have saved the world and stuff. I just thought it was not believable. Also, I feel like Freema was not nearly as good and passionate of an actress as Billie, so she sort of fell flat while all the Rose Tyler emotions were sill running high.