Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday is Doctor Who's Day!

Because I'm pretty hopeless with coming up with interesting topics lately, I've decided to start a new series. I saw this challenge on Pinterest and thought, "Why not?"

So from now on, Tuesday will be Doctor Who's Day. Since new episodes of Doctor Who won't air until the fall at the earliest, this may help with my withdrawal.

So, Day 1 - My favorite Doctor.

Since the beginning of the Doctor Who, there have been 11 incarnations of The Doctor. I've only been watching the show since the new series started, so I really only know 3 of those incarnations. The Ninth Doctor, played by Christopher Eccleston, was good and got me interested in the show.

But, my favorite Doctor was Ten played by David Tennant. He got me absolutely hooked on the show!

Source: google.co.uk via Jenn on Pinterest

I loved Ten's suits and trench coat. And he always wore Chucks which were great for all the running he did. Ten had a great sense of humor, but could also be serious and defend the Earth.

I loved that we learned more about The Doctor's history from Ten. He had a tendancy to babble and make up words, but it was endearing.

And it didn't hurt that David Tennant is so darn cute!

Source: google.com.au via Jenn on Pinterest

I do enjoy Matt Smith's Eleven, but David Tennant's Ten will always be My Doctor!


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