Friday, July 26, 2013

Four for Friday

1. Camp is over! I feel like we just started and yet I also feel like I've been waiting for this day for months. I'll miss some of the kids and I'm happy that I'll see a few during the school year. I do plan to do this job again next year if I can.

2. I haven't commented on it here, but I am so excited that the Duchess of Cambridge had her baby. I rushed home from work on Monday to see if he'd been born yet and was able to watch the live feeds and see the announcement come out. I was sure she was having a girl! Also, I hope I look half as good as she did 24 hours after I have a baby.

3. Was anybody else obsessed with the United State Botanic Garden's titan arum (corpse flower) blooming? I was also stalking their live feed hoping to see it bloom and then watching the crowds visit.

4. I enter a lot of giveaways and contests around the Internet and I was determined this year to actually win some things. Imagine my surprise when I discovered I actually won something after nearly 7 months of no wins. I won a trip for two to Cincinnati, Ohio! It's only a one-night hotel stay, but it includes dinner and zip-lining. We've been wanting to do zip-lining for awhile, so we're excited to try it. Since we have a year to use the prize, we're saving it for our anniversary next year.

 What's new with you?

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