Monday, July 15, 2013

Week in Review

(Ugh, I wrote this yesterday and scheduled it to post this morning, so of course it didn't! Stupid Blogger!)

Another week over, another week of camp done. We only have two more weeks of camp left. Then I have 2 weeks off and school starts again. Hopefully, I'll start getting calls for jobs right away!

Work was frustrating last week. Some of my coworkers seem more interested in playing with their phones than doing their jobs, which is maddening. Especially when it results in me being the only adult actually supervising the kids. I bit my tongue a lot last week and came home and ranted to my husband. Also frustrating is that nobody wants to actually plan things to do, so we spend a lot of time standing around and then the kids get antsy and start doing things they shouldn't do. They need structure, but some of my coworkers don't seem to get that. It's awkward because I'm basically just an extra body who doesn't seem to have any say in anything. I like my job and would like to do it again next year, just not with some of these coworkers.

Anyway, on to some highlights of the week!

On Thursday, we took the kids to a museum. (Sadly, because it's the only one in the world, I can't tell you about it because it's highly Google-able and I'd like to keep my exact location somewhat private.) We also went to the library. The smaller kids had fun. My older kids were brats and my partner and I were frustrated with them and our camp director had enough of them as well. I think the field trips were a little young for them that day.

On Friday, I got to be in charge of all the younger kids and take them to the splash park that happens to be located in our camp park. My two useless coworkers had to leave early that day and my camp director has acknowledged several times that I can take charge and direct the kids as well as discipline when necessary. She had to go with my partner to the pool with the older kids. It was nice to have my hard work and skills recognized.

The kids had a lot of fun at the spray park and they did a great job of behaving and following the rules. I stupidly managed to burn my back and shoulders. I had put sunscreen on my shoulders, but it's old and I don't think as strong as it should be. As a result, I spent the weekend trying not to move too much and find the most comfortable clothes I could stand to wear. And applying lots of aloe!

How was your week?


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