Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sherlock - Favorite Actress

Today's Sherlock topic is favorite actress.

There aren't many actresses on Sherlock, but while the choices are slim, I still have a hard time picking a favorite. So, I'm going to say it's a tie between Louise Brealey and Una Stubbs.

Louise plays Molly Hooper and she does it brilliantly. I can't help but feel for poor Molly who loves Sherlock, but is often overlooked by him. Feels a little familiar, you know?

Una Stubbs plays Mrs. Hudson, the landlord of 221b. I adore Mrs. Hundson. She's just the right combination of motherly and bossy. She always manages to infuse some humor into her scenes as well. And I love the relationship she clearly has with Sherlock. I'd love to know more about that back story!

Who is your favorite Sherlock actress?

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  1. The Christmas scene with Molly is heartbreakingly awkward. I felt so bad for her!