Monday, July 22, 2013

Week in Review

Last week was our penultimate week of camp. Only one week left! Some days it feels like it has flown by and some days it feels as if time has been dragging.

Last week was a very hot week. Temperatures were in the 90s all week and with the heat index, it felt like it was over 100 degrees. We normally try to do a lot outside, but last week, we tired to keep the kids cool and inside a lot. We spent a lot of time working on our act for the talent show.

The highlights of the week were a trivia competition, a track meet during a heat advisory, and a much needed trip to the pool.

I also had a couple highlights of the week outside of work. Trish was down from Minnesota and I was able to see her and her adorable baby. I cannot believe how big he's getting!

The county fair started last week. I absolutely love the county fair! We went on Sunday and I was able to eat some of my favorite fair foods and check out all the animals and exhibits.

How was your week?


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