Thursday, March 17, 2011

The ABC's of Me

My good friend Tricia over at Knackicity did this and I thought it would be a fun post! By the way, if you love a good deal, you should really follow Tricia's blog. She's always finding great deals. Plus, be sure to follow her on Facebook. When she gets to 1,000 followers, she's giving away a $25 Amazon gift card! How awesome is that?

{A} - Age: 23 *cough29cough*

{B} - Bed Size: Queen (A really crappy one. We're on the hunt for a good deal because we desperately need a new mattress!)

{C} - Chore I Hate Doing: Um, all of them! Cleaning the kitchen is my least favorite though. I always manage to convince my husband to do it.

{D} - Dogs: We don't have one currently. (I really want a corgi!) But, my mom has my family's adorable yellow lab, Boomer. And I love Tricia's one-eyed dog, Dewey.

{E} - Essential Start To Your Day Item: Weather report I can't get dressed until I've checked the weather for the day.

{F} - Favorite Color: Pink

{G} - Gold or Silver: White gold or silver

{H} - Height: 5'8"

(I)-Instruments I play: I played the violin for 9 years, but I haven't played for 10 years now, so not sure how good I'd be if I tried I can still read music though which comes in handy during hymns at Mass.

{J} - Job Title: Department Supervisor

{K} - Kids: Someday soon, I hope.

{L} - Live: Northern Indiana

{M} - Mom's Name: Susan

{N} - Nickname: I don't really have one that I know of...Jenn is about as nickname as it gets.

{O} - Overnight Hospital Stays: Just when I was born

{P} - Pet Peeve: I have so many and they change every day. Today's is people who have to be over dramatic about something at all times. My Facebook wall gets ridiculous sometimes.

{Q} - Quote From a Movie:  "You have bewitched me heart and soul and I love, I love, I love you" Pride & Prejudice

{R} - Right or Left Handed: Right

{S} - Siblings: 2 younger brothers

{T} - Time I Wake Up: Depends on my schedule...usually an hour or two before I have to leave for work.

{U} - Underwear:: Boy briefs or hipsters

{V} - Vegetable I Dislike: Peas They are vile!

{W} - What Makes Me Run Late: Husband not setting the alarm or I can't find my keys

{X} - X-Rays I've Had: Mouth and arm

{Y} - Yummy Food I Make: Desserts and fajitas

{Z} - Zoo Animal I Love: Giraffes, penguins, and red pandas

Let me know if you do this and I'll check it out!

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