Monday, April 1, 2013

Week in Review


Last week was not a great week in regards to my health.


I had to go to the cornea specialist. Luckily for me, my mother-in-law took me because the doctor was the next county over by a major hospital and I was not familiar with the area at all. I had no idea where the office was, but fortunately we pretty much stumbled upon it without even trying.

He took a look at my eyes, poked them(!), and even flipped my eyelid. So, a lot of fun. Basically, it's genetic and my corneas aren't great. There are options to try to fix them and they involve things I didn't want to get into since he said my eye was healing nicely again. I really liked the option that involved laser surgery, but I don't think my insurance will like that one. He recommended I continue using my drops for the week and give him a call if it flares up again and we can try the treatment that involves scratching my cornea some more.


Thanks to various appointments and a short school week, Tuesday was the only day I worked last week. I taught 4th grade in the morning. It went OK. Afterwards, I went over the store my husband works at and shopped because they were having special shopping days with an extra discount and that combined with an ongoing store discount added up to some awesome deals. I ended up getting some stuff off the clearance racks for dirt cheap.


I decided to Google about having my wisdom teeth out, which was probably not a great idea, because anytime you Google something health related, the Internet convinces you that you're dying of some weird disease. But I was lucky to find good stories about how easy it was for people and I actually felt a little better.  But only a little.


 Thursday was the day I'd been dreading for a couple months. It was finally time to get my last two wisdom teeth pulled. They were fully erupted, so it was really just a matter of numbing me up and pulling them. My dentist has TVs, so I turned on Rachael Ray and Ellen and tried to focus on those.

The numbing was the worst part and he had to do it several times because the first time wasn't enough. I think my mouth bruised from one of the shots. Of course it did, I bruise easily everywhere else, why not my mouth too? The pain wasn't too terrible and was gone by Saturday afternoon. I did enjoy having milkshakes for a couple days and I discovered how to make a pretty tasty one.


I recovered from the tooth removal on the couch for most of the day. My husband had to run to the store for something he forgot, so I went with him because the pain was minimal. I was very surprised by how good I felt.


The most important thing about Saturday was that Doctor Who was back!! It was a good episode!


Easter! I was planning on wearing an old dress, but with those great deals I go earlier in the week, I got a new dress and some fun new tights, all for under $10! The dress was originally $64. Score!

We went to Mass and then had dinner and family time at M's sister's house. It was a fun day and I was really happy I could eat normal food. So happy, I ate like six chocolate chip cookies.  Oops!  I also got to have my precious Coke again. I was happy, but it didn't taste amazing or anything. I'm going to keep up not drinking it at home and it will only be a when we go out special drink.

How was your week?

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