Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend Round-Up

My weekend was actually a little more exciting than usual this week. I even got out of the house both days!

Saturday I started reading The Hunger Games and I was hooked right away. I really wanted to just keep reading it, but I forced myself to do some other things first.

I was thinking about going to Walmart for a few things. Well, I decided to take the nail polish off my toes as I was getting ready, so I sat down on my toilet lid to accomplish that. And the cheap thing finally cracked! It was a pretty cheap plastic thing the remodeller had put on and I've been meaning to replace it, but it was never a priority. But now that it was cracked, I can't sit on it to get ready anymore, so now I had to go to Walmart to get a new one.

And when I got home, I decided that the bathroom needed to be deep cleaned. I don't know what came over me, but I put on some music and went to town on my bathroom.

But I did reward myself with some more of The Hunger Games afterward. I did manage to put it down to make dinner and watch Killers. It was actually fairly good despite it being Ashton Kutcher and Kathrine Heigl.

Sunday morning we went to Mass and I made it through even though it was Contemporary Music Mass and I HATE that with a burning fire. It's better during Lent when they can't sing some of things I really hate.

Since I had been so productive on Saturday, I rewarded myself with some relaxation time Sunday afternoon and ended up finishing The Hunger Games. It was so good and now I really want to see the movie. My husband doesn't though, so I need to find somebody to go with me. And of course I really want to read the next book, but I'm too cheap to buy it, so I have to wait for my turn at the library.

Sunday night I watched the Oscars because I thought Benedict Cumberbatch was going to be there based on some Tweets last week, but it turns out he was only at some parties. But I did enjoy seeing all the dresses. My favorites were Penelope Cruz and Natale Portman.

How was your weekend?


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