Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Due to President's Day, I actually have a 4 day weekend and since I didn't get a call on Thursday, it's actually been a 5 day weekend so far.

Unfortunately, I realized this weekend that we are boring people that just don't get out much. I've mentioned before that the winter weather makes it hard to do things around here. Really it's more that because it's winter, many of the things we like to do aren't available. The zoos are closed until spring, the parks are only good for sledding and that's only if we have snow. This has been the least snowy winter I can remember. So basically the only thing I can think of to do is go shopping and that means spending money. And I'd really rather not to do much of that right now. Although, I still do want to make a trip to Ikea and HomeGoods!

So as you can guess, we were pretty boring and stayed home all weekend. We did get out yesterday to go to Mass and then later we had a birthday dinner with M's family for his mom's birthday and his oldest brother's birthday. Afterwards, we hung out at his mom's house watching Downton Abbey. Exciting!

Hopefully, we can change these boring habits soon. I'm going to start looking for free or cheap things to do in our area and hopefully we can get together with some friends and at least socialize with people that aren't related to us.

In other news, Ideeli is having a Vera Bradley sale today. It's an invite only sale website, so if you need an invite, click here! I'm not partaking since I have the Outlet Sale in April.

How was your weekend?


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