Monday, August 27, 2012

I Hang Out in Cemeteries & Other Life Updates

I wanted to round up some recent things that are happening in my life that I thought were worth mentioning.

I hang out in cemeteries now. I know, weird. But, I've been working on our family trees all summer and discovered that a lot of my relatives are buried in local cemeteries, so we've been going out and taking pictures and getting information. I'm using Ancestry, thanks to my mother-in-law's account and have found a lot of information so far.

I'm interested in genealogy thanks to my paternal grandmother. She researched her family and even published a couple books about them. Keep in mind, she did all of this before the Internet so she did a lot of work. I even helped her when she got older, with updating her databases and I got hooked.

Last week, we finally went to see The Dark Knight Rises. Despite my desire to see a lot of this year's releases, this is the first movie we've gone to since Sherlock Holmes back in January. M has some new ridiculous rule that we can't go to a movie until it's been out for a month. Seriously?

Anyway, we went to a theater we've never been to before, but it was much cheaper than the AMC theater we sometimes go to. We would have gone to our usual locally owned theater, but when school is in session, they don't do weekday matinees.

We ended up being the only people at the showing and it was great. I got to talk and didn't bother anybody. I'm one of those people that has to react to what they're seeing, but I usually just keep it to myself. It was rather like being at home but with a bigger screen.

I've already informed M that we will be going to see Skyfall (that's a given since we're huge 007 fans) and The Hobbit, which will probably be my traditional birthday movie. I'd also like to see Les Miserables, but I'll probably have to find a girl friend to go with me.

Speaking of girl friends, I spent yesterday hanging out with my college girl friends. Two of them have babies only a few days apart and T is pregnant with her first. It was fun even though sometimes I had nothing to contribute while they discussed pregnancy and babies. Darn my body!

We ordered Chinese and T made this awesome dessert. They were individual peanut butter pies and they were heavenly! I was full, but I just had to finish it, they were so good!

T and I and our moms are going outlet shopping this weekend to check out the new Vera Bradley outlet and hit up the baby clothes outlets. I can't wait for our girly day!


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