Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Doctor Who's Day

Today's Doctor Who's Day topic is character you like that everyone else hates. This is a topic I really don't have an answer for. There are few characters that "everyone" hates. And my feelings are pretty mutual on characters that are disliked within the fandom. For example, I don't care for Mickey.

This would be an easier question if it was character that you hate that everyone else likes. Then I could talk about how I don't like K-9 or even some of the Doctor's earlier incarnations.

But since I don't have an answer for this topic, I'll share a few things Doctor Who related things I've pinned lately.

Source: youtu.be via Jenn on Pinterest

This is a great trailer for the upcoming 50th anniversary. I believe it's fan made and not official, but it's very well done and exciting, nonetheless.

Source: someecards.com via Jenn on Pinterest

This is how pretty much every date with my husband went once we discovered our mutual love of Doctor Who.

Are there any Doctor Who characters you like that everyone else hates?


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