Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Doctor Who's Day - Favorite Theme Song

Today's Doctor Who's Day topic is favorite theme song. While the show has had basically the same theme music from the beginning, there are different versions. Every Doctor Who fan knows the music. I can and frequently do sing along when I hear it.

If you read about our wedding, you know that we love the Doctor Who theme so much, we used it as our entrance music for the reception. I was very careful to tell our DJ exactly which version of the song to use. By the time of our wedding, the new series of Doctor Who was already on its third version of the theme song. I was adamant that he use the original 2005 version as it's my favorite. It was the theme of Doctor Who when I first got hooked and as far as I'm concerned, it's my theme. If Doctor Who fans can have their Doctors, why not have their themes as well?

I love this version so much, it's my ring tone on my phone. 

The newer versions of the song aren't bad. They are, after all, the same basic tune. However they've been remixed and use different instruments and they just don't sound "right" to me. The current version has too much drumming for my taste, for example. But, I still sing along every time I hear it and I can't wait to hear it again in the fall.

Which version of the Doctor Who theme song is your favorite?

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