Friday, June 8, 2012

Freeky Friday: The Best Thing

This summer, I'm going to participate in Freeky Friday which was started by Dr. Princess and her sister. Want to know more about Freeky Friday? Check out Dr. Princess's explanation and join in!

Freeky Friday

What's the best thing that's happened to you over the last year? Get creative with your answer! It can be something you experienced, something you witnessed, something you participated in, something you realized...the possibilities are endless!
The best thing that happened to me over the last year was finally quitting my job. Crazy, I know, but it really was. I finally got out of what was turning out to be a dead end retail job and went back to what I really love, teaching.

I was nervous about leaving a steady paycheck, but once I got back into subbing, I was reminded how much I love teaching. I really enjoyed seeing the new innovations in education in the various classrooms I worked in and I liked getting to know the staff at the schools again. I even got to work with a couple classes several times and got to know those students better.

Ever since I went back to subbing, I've enjoyed nearly every day of work. And a bad day at school was always better than a bad day in retail. Subbing has inspired me to use my degree again and pursue my dream of having my own classroom. My teaching job search has started again. Even though it looks like I'll have to return to retail for the summer, I am looking forward to the fall and returning to the classroom either as a sub, a para, or as a teacher.

Who knew that quitting my job could make life so much better?


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  1. I TOTALLY agree. My last day in retail was one of the happiest in my life. Though I'm in the same boat and will probably have to return very very soon until I find a teaching job, it will be worth it once I finally have my own classroom. =)