Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Doctor Who's Day: Favorite Alien

Today's Doctor Who's Day topic is favorite alien. I decided not to take the easy way out and say that Time Lords are my favorite, even though they are. Instead, I decided to think about all the other aliens that the Doctor and his companions have encountered along the way.

And it's been A LOT. Some I really don't like. Some are funny. Some, like the Adipose, are cute.

But then I remembered one of my favorite characters from last season and I decided that she's my favorite alien.

Madame Vastra! She's a Slurian. Slurians are Earth reptiles who used to be the rulers of Earth. Years ago, they hibernated below the surface, but their technology had a fault and never woke them up. Now they are often found when digging or mining occurs.

Madame Vastra lives in the Victorian time period. She was woken during construction of the London Underground. We first met her during the Series 6 episode, A Good Man Goes to War. During the episode we learned that Madame Vastra was responsible for stopping Jack the Ripper. She has a human companion named Jenny.

Although it was never explained, the Doctor and Madame Vastra already knew each other and Madame Vastra owed the Doctor a favor. So, she and Jenny helped the Doctor at the battle of Demon's Run.

I like Madame Vastra because she was a Victorian crime-fighter. I loved the relationship between her and Jenny. I was one of the many fans who wanted to see a spin-off of Vastra and Jenny. I hope they at least get to come back to Doctor Who sometime.

What is your favorite alien?

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  1. I know this isn't origional, but I'm gonna say my favorite is the Weeping Angels.