Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

Since we didn't win anything from the big Mega Millions, I'm still here and not jetting off around the world on a dream vacation. Did you play? Win anything?

Although we had a mostly quiet weekend at home, I did manage to do some thinking and come up with some really random ideas.

While watching TV last night, I saw a commercial for the Columbus Zoo. Apparently it was voted the number 1 zoo in America. Also, Jack Hanna was doing the commercial and he's the director emeritus of the zoo. Suddenly, I have to check out this zoo.

Columbus is a 4.5 hour drive from here, which seems a little far to drive for a zoo, but we do love our zoos. I've never been to Columbus, so I started checking out other things to do there and suddenly I was planning a trip there, possibly for our anniversary this year. I've got a couple other ideas for our anniversary, so we'll see which one wins. Probably the cheapest option.

I've also decided that I really need to relearn French. I studied it for 6 years and it's sad how much I've lost. I still have a couple textbooks and workbooks, so I was just going to try to use those. But then I discovered that I can use the Mango Languages program through my local library. And I can even do it right at home. I started with the basics last night and while I do remember everything that was covered, it was a nice refresher. Maybe next, I'll finally learn some Italian!

Since I needed a microphone for the program, my husband finally hooked up a web camera to my computer. Maybe I'll get brave and do some vlogs?

This week is Spring Break, so no work for me. Instead of having a relaxing week at home though, I've decided to do some work. Namely, deep cleaning various rooms of our house. I'm a little embarrassed at how cluttered we've gotten. I'm trying to tackle a room each day. It feels like punishment, but I know I'll be much happier when I see the results.

How was your weekend?

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