Monday, April 23, 2012

A Very Vera Bradley Weekend Wrap-Up!

If you "like" the Argyle Love Facebook page, then you know that I had a Vera Bradley event to attend on Saturday.

My mom and I went to The Party Shop Hallmark Store in Warsaw, Indiana. They are a Vera Bradley retailer and they were having a very special event. Joan Bradley Reedy, daughter of Vera Bradley, and sister of Vera Bradley founder, Barbara Bradley Baekgaard, was there.

I've never been to The Party Shop before, so I was surprised to see they had an extensive area of Vera Bradley merchandise. This is the first non-Vera Bradley store I've seen with this much merchandise.

(I didn't take my camera, so this will be all cell phone pictures, but I think with a little editing, they look pretty good.)

They had the new styles in stock, so I was able to compare the Whitney to my Stephanie. I should have taken a picture to show you! I think the Whitney looks shorter in height, but I liked that it was divided into three compartments. It only has 1 outside pocket, but again I think the compartments make up for that. I'll consider it next year at the Outlet Sale for my new purse.

I also got to examine the new Crossbody Baby Bag. I really love that it's crossbody and I'm sure that's a style my husband would prefer if he has to carry a baby bag. And I should probably note here that we don't currently have a need for a baby bag, but we're hoping to have one soon. I don't like any of the current patterns of this bag though. They combined 2 patterns on each one and it's patchwork. I'm not sure how that will work in the fall with 3 colors being released during each release. I'd really just like one in Indigo Pop.

I also spotted this Rolling Luggage in Yellow Bird. I'd love to own this as Yellow Bird was one of my favorite patterns, but sadly it was out of my price range!

But let's get on to why we were really there...

Here's Joan Bradley Reedy! She was very nice and took time to talk to everybody. I shook her hand and said hello, but mostly I just listened to her talk to other people. She did have a book with her about the history of Vera Bradley and my mom and I flipped through it. She posed for pictures with fans, but I won't even pose with Mickey Mouse, so I you know I didn't do it here.

But here's a picture from The Party Shop's Facebook page. That's me in the navy blue hoodie and the Make Me Blush Stephanie.

And here's Vera Bradley, herself. She's even wearing Vera Bradley clothing in this picture.

On our way out, I spotted these and gasped...

Yellow Bird china! I think I need these! Never mind that I have no need for china or a place to store it, I love it.

Afterwards, my mom and I decided to check out some antique stores. I had never been to these stores before, but I did see some interesting things. I didn't buy anything though.

The really interesting things were at an antique store in North Webster, Indiana. There, I found some vintage Vera!

When I saw this bag hanging with some other older Vera Bradley bags, I thought there's no way that's Vera. I don't even know that pattern. But, I opened up the bag and sure enough, there's a Vera Bradley tag inside. It turns out, this pattern is called Blue Holiday and it was made from January 1997 to January 1998.

Here's another vintage Vera I didn't recognize. This is Regatta and it was made from January 1994 to January 1996. The seller wanted $50 for this one.

I did recognize this pattern. It's Zebras and was made from April 2001 to January 2003. This pattern cracks me up because the zebras are facing away from you. I didn't check the price on this one, but now I kind of wish I had. It might have fun to own this one.

I saw a few other vintage Vera purses that I recognized, but I didn't take picture of those.

I did however spot this guy in another booth...

An official Vera Bradley teddy bear! For only $9, I'm kicking myself now for not buying it. It would be cute for a little girl's nursery - My first Vera! The pattern on this guy is Elizabeth, which was made from January 1997 to January 2003. Hmm, is it too late to drive to North Webster?

Well, that was my very Vera weekend. How was your weekend?


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  1. That sounds like an amazing weekend! Such great finds - I may need to take a road trip!